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Sometimes we all pay 5x comps for a hockey card, right?

Updated: Jan 27

Everyone's done it right? In a rush of impulse, thrown away the hockey card hobby knowledge and expertise you've spent years to amass and make a really stupid buy.

This is the story of how Josh, co-host of the Hockey Cards Gongshow podcast, spent 5x recent comps on the 2012 Fleer Retro Alexander Ovechkin Gongshow Grinders insert he just had to have.

Josh originally told the story of the card on Episode 48 of the Hockey Cards Gongshow podcast. You can listen here - Episode 48: 1979 OPC Hockey Wax Box Smashes Record, Billy Celio w/ Upper Deck Talks Metal Universe, Connor Bedard & More, 2022-23 Artifacts Checklist Is Out!, Who's Hot & The Struggle Bus

If you're looking for a moral to this story......well even experienced a researched hockey collectors act on impulse from time-to-time and as long as you love the card you bought (and in this case I do!), then maybe it doesn't matter if you overpay by 500%. Or a least tell yourself that!

The Hockey Cards Gongshow podcast publishes 2x per week, each Monday and Thursday and is available on all the major podcast apps; Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more!

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