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Sometimes we all pay 5x comps for a hockey card, right?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Everyone's done it right? In a rush of impulse, thrown away the hockey card hobby knowledge and expertise you've spent years to amass and make a really stupid buy.

This is the story of how Josh, co-host of the Hockey Cards Gongshow podcast, spent 5x recent comps on the 2012 Fleer Retro Alexander Ovechkin Gongshow Grinders insert he just had to have.

If you're looking for a moral to this story......well even experienced a researched hockey collectors act on impulse from time-to-time and as long as you love the card you bought (and in this case I do!), then maybe it doesn't matter if you overpay by 500%. Or a least tell yourself that!

The Hockey Cards Gongshow podcast publishes 2x per week, each Monday and Thursday and is available on all the major podcast apps; Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more!

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