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Hockey Cards 101 is a special podcast series from the crew at Hockey Cards Gongshow produced to help introduce the hockey card hobby to new collectors and give them the basic information to have success in the hobby whether the goal is to; collect cards from the teams or players you love, curate a valuable collection or earn income from buy and selling hockey cards.

Hockey Cards 101 Episodes

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Hockey Hobby Opportunity

Series Introduction.  We take a big picture look at the hockey card market, identify it's key components and outline the opportunity that exists within card collecting and market values.

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Upper Deck ePack Overview

Daniel Machado from Upper Deck joins this special episode of Hockey Cards 101 to discuss all things ePack. From buying packs & boxes, exclusive cards, achievements, trading and pack wars, Daniel guides you through a tour of anything and everything you can do to on ePack.

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Card Types & Conditions

We tackle the various types of hockey cards to help you identify the perfect cards for your collection, plus ways to protect and store your cards to preserve their condition and value.

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Healthy Collecting Habits

On this episode of Hockey Cards 101, we touch on a not-often talked about aspect of the hockey card hobby, healthy collecting habits.  Rob Girard, The Sports Card Therapist joins to help navigate what habits are healthy and which are not and what to do if you need help.

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Hockey Card Brands & Sets

There's lots of hockey set options for collector's to choose from and we break down which are the most important brands and sets to collectors in the hobby.

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