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Hockey Cards 101 - Part 4 - ePack with Daniel Machado from Upper Deck

In Part 4 of our special podcast series aimed at new hockey card collectors, Hockey Cards 101, we were pleased to be joined by Daniel Machado from Upper Deck to learn about their unique hockey cards platform ePack.

ePack is a free to join platform that allows hockey card collectors to buy packs, boxes and cases from their favorite releases like; Upper Deck Series One, Series Two, Extended Series, O-Pee-Chee Platinum, MVP, Ultimate Collection, Parkhurst and more.

With more than 100,000 members and 60,000,000+ hockey cards in ePack collections, it has grown into a significant segment of the hockey card hobby.

What makes ePack so unique, is it's truly a cross between physical card collecting and digital hockey trading cards. Selected higher-value hits can be mailed directly to you (for a shipping fee) or you can transfer them to a linked COMC (Check Out My Cards) account. The remaining cards (mainly base cards) remain in your "digital collection" on the ePack platform.

ePack also includes some unique abilities to combine multiple versions of cards and create achievement cards that are rare, and can have value on the secondary buying markets. The best example is with Young Guns rookie cards where you can combine 5 copies of an identical Young Guns card from your ePack account to create a Silver Foil achievement card. If you amass 3 Silver Foil cards for a specific Young Guns, you can combine those to create a Speckled Rainbow Young Guns parallel that are quite sought after by collectors.

In addition to combining Young Guns for rarer parallels, ePack offers exclusive cards within set releases and mastery achievements that are similar to a bounty program.

ePack is not just about buying and selling, you can trade with other collectors, participate in Pack Wars and build connections with the hockey card collecting community.

Be sure to listen to Daniel Machado's wonderful overview of the ePack platform and any other of the previous episodes in our Hockey Cards 101 podcast series:

About the Hockey Cards Gongshow Podcast

The Hockey Cards Gongshow Podcast and Social Media Community takes an in-depth look into the hockey card market from rising and falling players, new hockey card set releases and secondary market sales values. Hosted by Josh & Troy, our goal is to help enhance the hockey card collector experience through education, informative interviews, and hopefully a little fun along the way.

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